Bombshell Volume, How To Create The Perfect Curls

Achieve the perfect curls using the range of JUSTICE Professional Thermal Styling Brushes.


Step 1

Start by adding a golf ball sized amount of JUSTICE Professional Styling Mousse into your palm and work evenly through your hair from roots to ends.


Step 2

Select which brush size you'll use.

Small or Medium JUSTICE Professional Thermal Styling Brush for tighter curls, or if you more volume and a looser look, opt for the Large or Extra Large Thermal Styling Brush.


Step 3

Put the concentrator attachment onto your hairdryer, section your hair into pieces to create your curls. The more sections you create the more curls you can create.


Step 4

Wrap your hair around the Thermal Styling Brush and start by concentrating the heat at the roots, moving to the ends. Once you have finished creating your curls, lock in place with JUSTICE Professional Workable Hairspray to ensure maximum volume and movement.


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